Data access policy

Access to data is limited only to authorised  users. The application form for the directly genotyped data and imputed data can be found here. Users who have an account in nordic academic institutions can apply access from the REMS system.  The data can be obtained from European Genome-phenome Database (Accession number EGAS00000000030) once the application is approved.


Multiple data releases are available:

    Nordic-original contains original data as it was submitted. Data are done on Illumina and Affymetrix platforms.

    Nordic-build36 has same data but alleles are converted according to build 36 forward strand

    Nordic-build36-cleaned is cleaned version of the data. More information on the quality control and cleaning procedure can be found here

    Combined_cleaned release contains only those markers which are common to Illumina and Affymerix plaforms.

    Imputed releases contain imputed data